Aqua Project

After the success of the first edition in 2017, Zoomark international 2019 has seen the return of Aqua Project, the event designed to showcase the aquarium industry, with the direct involvement of the companies concerned. The manufacturers have responded to the call with enthusiasm and displayed their latest innovations during the event.

This year's theme was originality, with the aim of showcasing the incredible versatility of aquariums equipped with the latest technology to create unusual solutions, often striking in their simplicity.

The focal point of Aqua Project was the central area inside the Hall 29, which features large-scale tanks, a pond and the aquariums set up directly by exhibitors, displaying a range of captivating habitats.

While in recent years we have become accustomed to seeing tropical fresh water aquariums packed with lush vegetation and unusual fish species from rivers in Central and South America or remote parts of South East Asia, the event presents a spectacular 2x2 m tank which proved that it is perfectly possible to reconcile the needs of goldfish with those of aquatic plants. The large size of the tank and its special design also have make possible to create an attractive ornamental pond, which was fascinating to view from different angles. Pebbles, different types of sand, water features, lilies, papyrus reeds and wetland plants added natural decoration to the 2x2 metre tank, which was sure to catch the attention of all those passing by. Shapes, colours and special effects came alive in more than 2,000 litres of water.

A trio of 1x1 metre tanks presented as a single display was the tribute paid by Aqua Project's aquascapers to a legendary figure with a passion for nature who revolutionized the concept of the natural aquarium: Takashi Amano. The design unfolded in and out of the water, with rocks and wood that emerged and disappeared among verdant tropical greenery.

The project also included the seminar AQUARIUMS IN ARCHITECTURE: PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS AND BEST PRACTICES, on 7 May, in collaboration with the magazine Abitare. This event has presented international projects and explored issues and solutions connected to the use of aquariums in architectural design. It has followed by a guided tour of the Aqua Project area.


Aqua Project's concept, the tanks and pond are developed in collaboration with