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Organic bone broth for cats and dogs

Bone-broth boosts immunity; alleviates the common cold and bronchitis; fights inflammation; strengthens bones and teeth; promotes weight loss; improves hydration; gives stronger hair and nails; digestive system, joint health; improves sleep and brain function; helps to fight osteoarthritis and heal the gut and so on. 

Bone broth contains important vitamins: glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, collagen, gelatine and different amino acids (especially proline and glycine).

Organic broth for pets

  • Motivate picky eaters and poor drinkers to eat and drink
  • Bone-broth is a popular product among sport dog owners as a rehydration tool during intense performances
  • Pregnant and lactating animals
  • Very helpful tool in vet clinics - helps in feeding sick animals (make pets eat veterinary diets more willingly) and perfect in post-surgery feeding
  • Low calories > healthy snack (supports weight management)
  • Natural source of collagen – supports joints, digestion, fur
  • Great base ingredient for home-cooking for pets (human grade product that can be used in cooking in general)
  • Serve deep frozen in the summer to help animal to cool off and give pet some activity
  • Available as ambient product: gentle heat treatment, room temperature handling, shelf-life 18 month. Or as fresh product: no heat treatment, 9 months shelf-life (storage and handling +2 to +6 degrees Celsius)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Private label production