Pet Vision is one of the most interesting and innovative proposals at Zoomark 2023.
In this area, set up in hall 16, visitors can take a journey through the five megatrends set to shape the pet market in the near future, namely:

  • Value for money: products and services that offer an optimum quality to price ratio, to help consumers in this period of high inflation, without compromising on brand experience;
  • Green transition: products and services that stand out for their genuine environmental sustainability and social responsibility;
  • Healthy & functional: products and services for health and functional purposes, designed to fulfil specific needs;
  • Tailor-made: bespoke products and services that are highly specialized and customized, specially created to meet precise needs of pets and owners;
  • Spoil me more: products and services that treat pets to extra-special attention.

And with the Pet Vision Awards (first edition), a quality jury, made up of independent personalities from journalism, distribution and the veterinary world, will award prizes for the most innovative products on display in the Pet Vision area.