Marca Pet

A great opportunity for pet care companies in the private label sector

A fantastic new opportunity for companies in the pet care industry to boost their business in the private label sector, which currently enjoying rapid growth and expansion in the modern retail trade.
Zoomark International is giving companies in the pet industry the chance to take part in Marca by BolognaFiere next March, the leading specialised Private Label trade show in Italy and the second biggest in Europe.

Marca Pet in collaboration with Zoomark International is the name of the area devoted to pet products where companies interested in taking part can have a pre-fitted stand. This obviously does not preclude companies taking part in Marca by BolognaFiere 2021 individually.
The initiative is part of the programme developed by Zoomark International for pet care companies, in the run-up to the show in 2022.


The highly specialized trade visitors who attend Marca by BolognaFiere every year, and the presence of leading retailers, means that this is a key occasion to build business relationships in a rapidly expanding market, as confirmed by the data (gathered by IRI-Infoscan). In the retail trade pet care sales are up by 3.7%, and private labels are increasingly to the fore, both for in-store and online purchases: the overall share private label products of exceeds 20%, 1.8 points up on 2019, peaking at 21.1% during the lockdown. The pet care industry in particular consolidated its quota of private label products, at 20.9%: in other words, practically one in five pet products purchased in retail outlets is a private label product.

Marca Pet in collaboration with Zoomark International will offer unique B2B opportunities to network with buyers and category managers from the main international chains.
Marca by BolognaFiere is a unique, original event that brings together both major retail names and suppliers, offering a mix that maximizes the benefits of the meetings and networking opportunities.

Companies wishing to take part in the show can take advantage of a measure recently introduced to support participation in international fairs (such as Marca by BolognaFiere): SIMEST offers funding to cover the expenses incurred after submitting the application, such as the rental of exhibition space, as well as related costs including registration fees for the virtual event, and developing virtual content such as virtual stands, company presentations, virtual catalogues and live streaming events that will be hosted by 

Marca by BolognaFiere will be a physical, in-person event held in complete safety thanks to the protocols and procedures that BolognaFiere adopts to protect the health of exhibitors, visitors and staff.


BolognaFiere: a safe Exhibition Centre. Watch the video.


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