What expectations do you have for Zoomark International, being held in person?

We are confident that Zoomark International 2021 will be a success, and it will certainly be an interesting event, being so eagerly awaited. The weekday schedule is another positive factor: at shows Sunday is the day when everything is winding up, Saturday goes a bit better, but at least in my field, the clients I do business with are mostly around on the first and second day.
Of course, it is to be hoped that by November the worst of the Covid situation will be over, or at least enough to get back to doing business on an ongoing basis. I don't think we can expect to see many visitors from outside Europe, but there are clear signs that attendees from our continent will want to be there, Italians above all. We all need it, I have customers who I have not seen in person for more than a year and a half now - some companies have adopted very strict protocols and will only meet suppliers on site.



The whole pet industry has seen an impressive increase in sales. Will this growth continue in 2021? And after that?

We had an excellent 2020, and 2021 is going even better: our industry is experiencing an unprecedented rate of growth. I think there are basically two reasons for it: the increase in the number of pets, above all dogs, cats and rodents, and in addition to that, the changes in the dynamics of household spending, with more money going on purchases to treat pets. One less dinner out has equated to an extra treat in the form of an additional purchase for one's dog, cat or other pet. This situation has also been greatly aided by the fact the stores in our sector never had to close - apart from those in shopping centres, most were able to stay open.