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WINNER PLUS Pet food S.r.l.

 The history of quality 

WINNER PLUS was established, over 25 years ago, from the passion and intuition of Toni Testa who, with eyes already turned to the future, had realized that modern families would have increasingly taken care of their pets and that a turning point in the world of pet food was needed with feed formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Over the years, the company has grown steadily, becoming synonymous of health, well-being and natural vitality for dogs and cats; investing in innovation, research and quality, comparing itself with foreign markets and introducing a new concept of product, establishing itself successfully among the leading companies in the professional and pet food industry in Europe and worldwide, with a constantly expanding commercial network in more than 20 countries.
The continuously and constantly growth brings WINNER PLUS, in 2018, to an exceptional process of evolution with the collaboration of a new exclusive, multi-year experience, production partner able to support the growing market demand, improving the recipes with ?ne raw materials and even higher quality standards: dry complete feed, wet feed and complementary feed, dry and semi-wet snacks, to ensure a healthy and balanced meal every day and able to satisfy both professional and domestic ?eld needs.
Natural • Nutrition • System
Synonymous of health, wealth and vitality, "Natural Nutrition System" is the main company philosophy on which the business bases its well stabilized success. Choosing a WINNER PLUS product means feeding according to nature.
  • Natural 

The wide set of high professional products of complete dried and wet feed, complementary feed for dogs and cats, dried and semi-moist snacks are prepared with attention and passion, using raw materials, 100% natural, that follow the km 0 philosophy, selected and processed in order to obtain the highest quality, respecting the FSSC 22000 standards. All is made without chemical coloring, ?avorings and aromas.

  • Nutrition 

We are able to offer the latest advanced product which meets the needs of the consumer and market requirements thanks to the devoted and close cooperation between researchers and the best global breeding. A pet's health comes from its correct nutrition, for this WINNER PLUS products don't present eggs, source of allergies, GMO, soy or wheat (assimilated up to 70%). This guarantees the highest quality of a healthy, balanced, digestible and hypoallergenic product. 

  • System 
A healthy and perfect nutritional system for dogs and cats needs of all breed, weight and age. The high quality of raw materials are carefully processed and checked as done with human food quality, respecting FSSC 22000 certi?cation that establishes the necessary conditions to ensure the best food quality. The entire production chain is constantly subjected to strict controls, raw materials are identi?ed and selected according to the criteria established by the Company to be subsequently transformed into certi?ed production centers.
A winning production system where constant attention to research and development process, technological innovation, updating to market changes are able to maximize standard quality.
A responsible system. Each and every WINNER PLUS product is conceived respecting the environment thanks to the use of renewable energetic sources. Also the business ethics forbids any animal testing during every phase of the production, classifying the product as "Cruelty free", one more reason for a responsible choice.