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27600 Gaziantep

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Pad. 26 Stand B77 - C78

Lidersan Packaging;

  • In 2015, Lidersan Packaging start production for flexible packaging materials with latest tehcnology printing and film extrusion lines in a facility which has ??25,000 m² closed area.
  • In 2016, 5S and TPM projects were implemented within the scope of Lean Manufacturing Techniques.
  • In 2017, Lidersan Packaging certified to status of an R&D center from the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • In 2019, film production capacity increased 50% in order to fullfill highly deman by latest technology.
  • In 2020, 20,000 m2 facility was planned to serve Rotogravure printing lines with fully equiped laser cutting slitter-rewinders, lamination lines and solvent recaovery hardwares.
  • In 2021, last investment start to prodcution at the mid of 2021.

For customer satisfaction our main goal to provide fast and distinctive service concept before/after sales, 100% quality and to be a global favorite supplier.

Food, Non-Food Packaging Solutions;

  • Personal care; (Feminine Care, Baby care, Adult Care, Wet Wipes Packagins, Cosmetic Stand-Up Pouche Solutions)
  • Home Care (Tissue Bags and Films, Detergent &Cleaning Agents, Table Sheets)
  • Food Packagings,(Dry food, snacks, pasta, instatnt soup and spiceses packagings)
  • Beveragesinstant (tea and coffee, printed and un printed shrinks, stand up pouches for liquids).
  • Bakery products & frozen foods,
  • Pet food and Kat Litter packages ( reel flat bottom pouches or stand up pouches,
  • Films; Laminastion Films (Easy tear, FFS,Hot Fill, Wet wipe, EvoPE (oriented PE , ShinePE , Paper-like, tissue, pasta, breathable, non-breathable, surgical operation clothes ,% recyclable, strilization etc.)
  • Retailer Bags laser perforated products, stand up pocuhes with and withour zip, Quadro bags, Flat bottom bags, Reinforced patch handle bags, Bread and Chicken bags.

Our Quality, Hygiene and Management Certificates;

  • BRC/IOP-A Certificate
  • EN ISO 22000:2005
  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • EN ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • SEDEX Member
  • 5S Workplace Management System
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate
  • YYS (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate)

We have the best solution in our premises by our highly qualified labour, high-technology and sophisticated R&D center to improve your packages

For any request we are ready to hold strong coopertaion for long-term relation on trust basis.

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