Innovative Pet Products Pty Ltd - Joe Clarke




What are your expectations related to your participation in the in-person Zoomark International 2021?

We are looking forward to this event to meet all old and new customer. We were very successful at the last Zoomark event and would like a repeat of that. We can see all vaccinated guests enjoying the first live show for years so expecting great things.




The petcare industry recorded excellent results in sales in the last year. Do you think this trend will be confirmed in 2021? And what will happen in the years to come?

The trend in sales for LickiMat is up and up then up a bit more. I believe if you have good products that are well made and well priced the trend will continue to go up. Some will fail but would have failed anyway, with or without a global epidemic. You must also today be very concerned about the environment and especially focus on the well being of the pets. If we work on cheap is not good for the animal or the customer, quality must always be the first concern of any manufacturer. See you at the show, Joe, CEO of LickiMat-Innovative Pet Products and from our remarkable and talented team.