THE PAVILION - "The programme of the Canadian Pavilion is designed to make it easier for Canadian companies to take part in the world’s leading industry events. Our programme offers access to financial support and a complete package of services, stand included. The Canada hall aims to help our manufacturers generate business abroad, create strategic alliances and raise the profile of high quality Canadian products globally. The exhibitors present in the hall benefit from a higher profile, enabling Canadian companies to stand out from individual competitors.  The Pavilion acts as a gateway for international companies which want to find out more about the Canadian pet market, including its economic value, trends and the opportunities it offers. We have discovered that a team approach is the most effective way to help our exhibitors achieve their business goals.

Being at Zoomark with the Canadian Pavilion is important for company strategy; Canadian brands are recognized worldwide. The hall serves as a beacon, attracting the attention of international visitors, who come to find out more about Canadian products, and at the same time it enables our members to access the European market they are interested in”.


THE OBJECTIVES - "Zoomark International boasts an increasingly international outlook. The Canadian pet food industry is enjoying ongoing growth, also thanks to the growing number of  distribution channels in the EU (with a clear market development strategy), and our ongoing commitment to major trade shows like Interzoo in Germany and Zoomark in Italy. We firmly believe that the 2019 Canada Pavilion in Zoomark is going to be the best yet!"


Roselyne Leveque - Pijac Canada

tel. +1 800 6677452 ext. 114

email tradeshows@pijaccanada.com