Mcl Bentonite Ltd Sti

Fatsa OSB, Mahallesi 108 no. Sokak No:2/1
52400 Fatsa, Ordu

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+90 452 400 19 39



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Pad. 25 Stand A56 - A60


In the light of our 20 years experience in bentonite mining and cat litter production, we have made a decision to create the best cat litter brand ever. While using this ambitious sentence, we did not give priority to issues such as only product and packaging quality. We have identified the most sensitive issues that we consider to be more important, such as being friends before becoming a customer, empathy before making a sale, and providing customer satisfaction at every stage and under all conditions as the first article of our constitution. We didn’t just write it on paper, we believed it with all our hearts. What could have been more natural than having our own brand after 20 years of experience and being a bit pretentious? As of today, MCL Bentonite company has a bentonite mining license of 4000 hectares and a production plant which has annual production capacity of 140,000 tons of bulk and 70,000 tons of packaged cat litter, established on an area of 40,000 m2  with two production lines in Fatsa OSB.