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Pad. 22 Stand B82

ChronoBalance - in balance with time

Feeding in biorhythm - ChronoBalance is the only European supplier.
Dog food recipes are based on age, season and time of day.
In the morning plenty of energy for the start, in the evening light food for a healthy night's rest so as not to overload the organism during sleep. If we pay attention to the biorhythms of our dogs, we promote performance and their wellbeing.

Hall 22, Stand B82

Lucky's Eiszeit - Dog Ice Cream in three delicious flavours: Cool Berry, Cool Apple and Cool Carrot.

The ice cream for dogs from ChronoBalance is easily prepared. Simply mix the ice cream mixture with water, freeze and enjoy! In accordance with the high-quality standard, the dog ice cream consists exclusively of natural ingredients. On top of that, it offers your four-legged friend an extra portion of minerals, trace elements and B vitamins. Combined with a high-quality feed, the ice cream is an ideal snack supplement. Advantage for you as a retailer: cooling the ice cream mixture is no longer necessary.
Visit ChronoBalance on the Zoomark exhibition in hall 22 at booth 82.