The petcare industry recorded excellent results in sales in the last year. Do you think this trend will be confirmed in 2021? And what will happen in the years to come?

I think that the world pet care market will grow this year and the following years, too. It is primarily due to the growing role of pets in humans' life. Pets help their parents overcome stress and endure strict quarantine restrictions. The people, in return, respond with love and care.

There are more than 500 million dogs in the world now. Manufacturers of pet products help take care of them. If you are doing your job well, your share in the market is growing naturally. For example, the WAUDOG brand's growth was 76% in the crisis of 2020. This trend continues now.

We are creating an endless selection of accessory designs, and customers love this. So, we plan to predict pet parents' needs more and create more cool and innovative products.



What are your expectations related to your participation in the in-person Zoomark International 2021?

COLLAR Company is an international and innovative manufacturer of pet products. It has been present on the market for more than 25 years. We try to pleasantly surprise our visitors at each exhibition. This year, COLLAR Company will showcase new versions of revolutionary pet accessories, toys and aquarium products on Zoomark.

Our participation in the offline expo is a great possibility to meet our partners and customers in person. Such meetings are the great possibility of explaining our ideas of the innovative products, showing their quality, or explaining their usefulness for the pet parents.

The COLLAR Company team looks forward to participating in the expo in Bologna and making active preparations.