What expectations do you have for Zoomark International, being held in person?

We expect this to be the first major trade show after the Covid 19 era, and it will give us the opportunity to host our international guests/customers at our booth. We assume that our guests/customers will want to be present at a trade show after attending various digital shows: physical contact with customers and products is always better than a digital presentation. On top of that, we will be launching many new product groups that we want to show to the public.



The whole pet industry has seen an impressive increase in sales. Will this growth continue in 2021? And after that?

2020 was a special year, a year where many consumers purchased additional pets and because of working from home, pets became more and more a part of the family. If things go back to normal we expect growth to level off a bit. But the humanization of pets will continue to boost spending in a number of segments.