What expectations do you have for Zoomark, being held in person?

We will be taking part in Zoomark International, situation permitting, as we hope. And we will be there, even though we know that it will not be straightforward for our target customers to attend, as it is on during the week. This is something that applies to me in particular, with my company's single focus on groomers, who have had a particularly difficult year with the lockdowns. But we have never missed an edition of Zoomark and we will be taking part this time too, though in proportion to the low turnout of our own customers we are expecting.



The whole pet industry has seen an impressive increase in sales. Will this growth continue in 2021? And after that?

We had a very good 2020, thanks above all to the foreign markets, and 2021 is going even better. In view of this, a trade show is not a big deal right now – it's not what is going to affect our market to any great degree. Right now, it's a question of waiting to see the repercussions of the economic crisis linked to Covid, and how much this is going to affect spending on pets. In our field, working directly with groomers, who paid a heavier price than others in the pandemic, we will have to see the extent to which the increases in the number of pets translates into work for the shops.