What are your expectations related to your participation in the in-person Zoomark International 2021?

We SO MUCH LOOK FORWARD to reconnecting with our worldwide partners. We absolutely need to reinstall those informal talks for which the pet industry is so famous for. Those talks ALWAYS bring new ideas, they create happy moments that create new memories.
Those talks also bring to surface the challenges our partners are dealing with and induce us to help bring solutions to the table…..resulting in becoming an even better partner to our customers.

Long term partnerships are not a goal, but a result of true co-operation. Tradeshows are the perfect occasion to celebrate this.
In all honesty, pre-covid, everybody was a bit fed up with tradeshows. They were expensive and had become very unsustainable. It had become irresponsible to build temporary installations, bigger every time, for such a limited time.
Covid brought life to a standstill, forcing us to find different solutions. Today, digital communication has proven this system also has its limits.
We certainly are very excited to reconnect, but also invite trade show management to reinvent themselves by asking themselves what exhibitors are really looking for?
Speaking for ourselves, this is our TOP 3 :

  1. Reconnect
  2. Get inspired
  3. Reconfirm our position in the industry
  4. The actual selling process... In order to become truly sustainable, and not make people bored with old concepts again, now is a good time for you, to bring new concepts that tick above expectations.



The petcare industry recorded excellent results in sales in the last year. Do you think this trend will be confirmed in 2021? And what will happen in the years to come?

During this pandemic, we realised more than ever that pets can actually save our lives.
No matter what has happened, our pets ALWAYS show up and put smiles on our faces, magic moments we will not easily give up.
So i see trends evolve further, with that 1 difference to pre-covid; consumers have become much more demanding on so many different aspects. For brands to deliver premium quality products has become the olympic minimum. Brands are now also being held accountable for being truly sustainable, and being that organization a consumer is proud of.