What are your expectations related to your participation in the in-person Zoomark International 2021?

Takigawa is an important supplier to the pet food industry with a global presence to support and service our customers all around the world from our plants in Japan, Vietnam and the USA. The quality of the Takigawa printed bags for the pet food industry is helping our customers to gain production efficiency and reinforce pet food brand loyalty in every market.
As Zoomark has grown from a national show to an international fair, Takigawa’s presence is reflecting this expansion giving to Italian and European pet food producers the opportunity to reinforce their international understanding to bring them growth and improve quality standards.



The pet care industry recorded excellent results in sales in the last year. Do you think this trend will be confirmed in 2021? And what will happen in the years to come?

Yes, globally consumers are taking care more and more of their cats, dogs and smaller pets while switching to more healthy food that is convenient to use. We see general growth of end consumer demand covering multi-channel distribution solutions always focusing on getting a “happy purchase experience” adjusted more and more to each owners’ habits and to meet this trend there is a need of optimized packaging.
The other growing trend is the global expectation for high quality recyclable packaging. It is now agreed globally in Asia, the Americas and Europe for PE recyclable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of food and packaging. As a key player, we need to remind all that packaging is an important tool to limit the food waste that has a huge impact on the environment when not properly packaged.
Packaging is so important to bring the food from the production place to the point of consumption in good shape, with the printed food information of each food specialty and easy use. This is why Takigawa is offering a wide range of technical features of our bags: Easy open, Reclose with zip, Easy Lock or Slider, etc., venting options or high barrier properties.
We look forward to meet each of you live at Zoomark next November in Bologna.