What are your expectations related to your participation in the in-person Zoomark International 2021?

As a company, we make a lot of investments every year. Taking part in Zoomark helps us understand which investments are worthwhile and which are not. The show is also an opportunity to learn about all the new trends in the industry and the market, and come into direct contact with potential customers, which gives us a good idea of both what we need and what they need. Last but not least, we get the opportunity to create business contacts, with customers from other countries, and promote our products.



The petcare industry recorded excellent results in sales in the last year. Do you think this trend will be confirmed in 2021? And what will happen in the years to come?

I am convinced that the sales results of 2021 will exceed those of 2020. The growth trend is indisputable, and the standards of the petcare industry are constantly being raised. The trend for the humanization of animals will require higher quality products, created and produced with respect, care, knowledge and a lot of research.