What expectations do you have for Zoomark, being held in person?

Zoomark has always been an opportunity to grow business and interact and engage with all the players in our industry. In the light of the unprecedented events of recent months, we have all realized how much more complex it is to do business and how important relationships, social interaction and opportunities to meet in person are. We are therefore hoping that Zoomark will be able to play its "traditional" role. At a time when so much has changed, we want to experience the excitement of seeing the stand taking shape, the buzz of anticipation for something that has always been a big event, and above all the pleasure of getting together. There are also a lot of expectations riding on the word "International". The more international the event is, the greater the impact it will have on the business we do every day. We hope that Zoomark International will go back to being what it has always been, perhaps in a slightly different way, but with the same passion as ever.




The whole pet industry has seen an impressive increase in sales. Will this growth continue in 2021? And after that?

The increase in sales is certainly an encouraging sign, as is the fact that it is grounded in solid macroeconomic parameters: more pets, a significant increase in the number of families with at least one pet, growing interest in quality and nutrition and a consequent increase in the average spend. These trends, confirmed in most of the international markets, mean we can presumably expect to see the growth and consolidation of the entire production and distribution system, not only in the short term but also in the medium term. At the same time this is also a very challenging time for national economies, and we are hoping to see a generalized recovery that would give even more of a boost to the growth of our industry.