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Pad. 22 Stand A41 - B42

Fieno di montagna dispenser

Categoria: Food & SnackTrend: Healthy & Functional

Il fieno di montagna Paglianatura, in un pratico dispenser in cartone microonda da posizionare direttamente nella gabbia o nel recinto. Dotato di aperture modulabili posteriori, offre un metodo pratico e "pulito" per alimentare i nostri amici roditori.

A plant product packaged exclusively on a microwave carton. Each part is recyclable and biodegradable. In essence, the package becomes a dispenser through preformed openings. Our rodent friends, they collect and eat hay directly from the openings, thus assuming an absolutely natural position. A clean and practical method without the need to move or fill internal feeders. The package is fully trimmed (pap21).

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