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Sturdy but light at the same time, the Binny pet carrier can be useful on many occasions. The large ventilation grilles on the roof and on the side walls have been designed for optimal ventilation, ensuring a comfortable journey for your pet. The upper part is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental opening during the journey. A comfortable handle facilitates movement. If necessary, the foldable handle can be easily stored in the special compartment in the upper part of the container: this allows you to take up less space. Finally, the carrier has special holes for the passage of a shoulder strap, which can be purchased separately: so you can carry Binny comfortably on your shoulder. The Binny pet carrier is available in different sizes that you can choose according to your needs. This Binny 1 model is recommended for small dogs, cats and even bunnies, maximum load 5 kg. In the same range, you will also find the Binny 2 model, recommended for small dogs and cats, maximum load 8 kg. Binny is an eco-sustainable product: it is produced with material sourced from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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