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2-in-1 Pet Smart Feeder&Water Dispenser

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Pet Marvel: Automatic 2-in-1 Pet Feeder & Water Dispenser Feeding, drinking, monitoring...all in one! Equipped with a mobile App, Pet Marvel allows you to monitor and feed your pet from anywhere 24*7 without worrying about feeding too much or too little. Along with innovative design and precise algorithm built-in, this 2-in-1 feeder also features a triple-filtrated water circulation system, which allows your furbaby always enjoy fresh and clean water. Moreover, with a camera and voice announcement function, it is able to identify each of your furbabies and alleviates separation anxiety while you're away, which surely elevates your pet care experience! In addition, a power interface (Type-C) along with two built-in rechargeable batteries(2600mAh each) totally sets you free of blackout-worries.

One-stop for Easy Daily Pet Feeding 1. REVOLUTIONARY 2-IN-1: Auto Feeding & Water Dispensing 2. PET IDENTIFICATION: Multi-pet Identification Supported by Self-developed Algorithm through Camera 3. SCIENTIFIC FEEDING: Precise meal counting and monitoring powered by Smart Weighing Bowl 4. DUAL WATER TANKS: Divided water tanks allows to always provide clean water for furbabies

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