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Buddycare Vanilla & Shea Butter Deodorising Spray

Categoria: Hygiene and BeautyTrend: Healthy & Functional

Buddycare Vanilla & Shea Butter Deodorant Spray contiene un ingrediente deodorante naturale a base di fermenti per affrontare e neutralizzare naturalmente i cattivi odori, privo di alluminio e altri ingredienti deodoranti non naturali.

BuddyCare Vanilla and Shea Butter Deodorising Spray is the perfect product for pet owners looking for a healthy and functional solution to control pet odours. The natural ferment-based deodorising formula provides long-lasting results without any harsh chemicals, ensuring the safety and health of pets. The vanilla and shea butter scent adds a refreshing touch to keep pets smelling great. It's a functional & practical solution for pet owners who want to keep their homes (and pets!) smelling fresh

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