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Mutua Italiana Assistenza Veterinaria - MIAV Società di Mutuo Soccorso

Pad. 16 Stand A05

MIAV Mutua Italiana Assistenza Veterinaria "Proteggi per sempre"

Categoria: Hygiene and BeautyTrend: Tailor-made

La prima Mutua Italiana Assistenza Veterinaria che rivolge la propria completa attenzione alla protezione dell'animale domestico ( cane, gatto e coniglio) sotto tutti gli aspetti, con copertura nazionale ed europea.

It’s crucial to protect carefully our mascot because it’s the same integral and interactive part in our circle of affections. Its state of well-being inevitably involves our well-being as well. Our quote: "If they're fine, we're fine too and vice versa". Our pets have a recognized role as real social safety cushions. A mascot is always present and attentive to our state of well-being and our mood without the presumption of expected returns above all.

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