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COLLAR Company

Pad. 30 Stand A27 - A29 - A33 - A41

Multipurpose trade equipment for pet accessories

Categoria: Supplies and services to industryTrend: Tailor-made

4-sided trading equipment for placing different types of WAUDOG products. This trading equipment is made of durable plastic. It has a rotating mechanism that allows you to move the equipment around its axis and makes it possible to place it at any point of the store. The stand can hold up to 77 hooks and has an Anti-theft system. Each side of the stand allows to place up a certain product series. Opportunity to present most of the assortment. 1 stand allows to place up to 270 SKU • High-quality. The stand is made of high-quality and durable plastic • Anti-theft system. Allows protecting goods from theft

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