Zoomark is back in great style. What news do you have in store for visitors to your stand at BolognaFiere?
We are working on new projects to present innovations in line with the latest market trends and with a view to making our ranges increasingly sustainable. Our main objective has always been to guarantee our end consumers (pets and their owners) the Italian-made excellence that springs from the ongoing research and innovation carried out by our teams, engaged in developing new recipes to ensure the well-being of our four-legged friends and safeguard the environment, thanks to products and packaging increasingly in line with sustainable principles.

Why do you think is it important to take part in Zoomark? What are your expectations and what are your goals?
Zoomark International is a strategic event for Morando, Italy's pet food pioneer. Year after year, Morando returns to Zoomark to represent Italian-made excellence in pet food on an international level. This B2B event is an excellent opportunity to interface with the main players in the industry, explore new market trends, define new development strategies and find partners and suppliers to advance progress and present the market with increasingly innovative solutions for pet well-being.
In addition, Zoomark is the leading international showcase for our company to present all the latest news and raise its profile both nationally and globally (Morando already distributes its products to more than 60 countries).

Can you tell me about your vision of the pet market: what are your predictions for the industry from now to Zoomark 2023? What challenges await us in the coming months and what opportunities?
In recent years, the pet food market has seen a process of humanization that has led to the creation of new products, which reflect trends in food for humans, albeit with formulations tailored to pets' needs. The owners of dogs and cats are willing to spend more on the health and well-being of their animals, now seen as real family members, and the demand has therefore shifted towards premium and super premium products, with a growing focus on aspects like natural ingredients, grain and gluten free formulations and single-protein products.
The difficulties caused by the pandemic and the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials, together with sourcing issues, are causing supply chain problems, putting profit margins under pressure and putting a strain on all companies. Morando is responding to these situations as it is a solid company with the ability to adapt to market changes quickly and flexibly. Going forward, to tackle the consequences of this situation, from the long lead times to the lack of products and the increase in prices to the public, companies will need to find a common front to continue guaranteeing service and good quality at affordable prices.