Zoomark multiplies the business opportunities also developing themed areas and special projects aiming at stimulating the market and supporting growth: Pet Vision, Next 5.0, Factory, Aqua Project.

Zoomark has a Pet Vision

From specifically formulated foods to life-enhancing accessories, wellness products and high-tech equipment, the industry’s most pioneering, next-generation products and services are showcased in the Pet Vision area, the heart and soul of Zoomark. The area devoted to the latest innovations explores market trends and future directions, offering insights that will help industry professionals face the market more confidently and more competently, and which provide fresh inspiration for business activities.

2.0 3.0 4.0. What's next? Next 5.0!

Next 5.0 is the area devoted to innovation and new technology. A hub for young companies entering the pet market for the first time, producers of high-tech solutions, business incubators and accelerators from all over the world, which are developing new ways of interpreting and responding to market stimuli.

Factory - from concept to product

Factory is the space reserved for all the companies involved in the supply chain: suppliers of raw and semi-finished materials, machinery, packaging, industry services and distribution. It completes what's on offer and multiplies business opportunities for the industry.

The shapes of water at Aqua Project

Aqua Project is the area dedicated to the aquarium and terrarium industry, and the companies themselves are actively involved in creating a special display area and developing activities for industry professionals: seminars, meetings and showcases.