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Zoomark is back, in great style. What news do you have in store for visitors to your stand at BolognaFiere?
We will be aiming to attract as many pet industry buyers as possible to Bologna. One way or another, we have to encourage our clients, the shopkeepers to come to Zoomark 2023. We will do our part, inviting clients and offering discounts on orders taken during the show. We are going to organize presentations and create opportunities to engage with multiple clients at the same time. We'll be focussing on getting the most out of the show.

Why do you think is it important to take part in Zoomark? What are your expectations and what are your goals?
I am particularly attached to this show. I still have the photos of when it was held in Florence and my father took part. I think that for B2B Zoomark is an essential point of reference for companies and the same should also go for stores.

Can you tell me about your vision of the pet market: what are your predictions for the industry from now to Zoomark 2023? What challenges await us in the coming months and what opportunities?
It is worrying to see the speculation on energy supplies and the increases in the prices of raw materials. We need to get through this difficult time and keep our eyes on the ball, with the awareness that customers might be spending less. We will be working using the resources at our disposal, learning and investing – not just the financial cost of being in Bologna, but also in terms of the time we put into it. There's an opportunity to make the most people's eagerness to meet up in person again, by offering incentives to those visiting and combining show activities with social opportunities to encourage people to come. Digital marketing, for example, to promote your business and reach out to people using the web and social media. Things like this add value to the shopkeeper's physical presence – half an hour dedicated to these issues with experts makes it worth people's while to attend Zoomark.