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Rebo Srl

Rebo Srl – a historic company with a fascinating, eventful past - has its roots in Monza, back in 1966. It immediately stood out in the market for the values and commitment of the people who made it up; after some managerial changes, in 1984 the fruitful collaboration with Alessandro Costa began and he managed to become the sole owner within two years only. He was an enterprising man, whose foresight led him to open up to new challenges and collaborations, such as the one with the Bavarian group Interquell GMBH, producer of Happy Dog and Happy Cat brands. The German company, which is currently German market number one, has over three hundred years of history and passion behind it, that make it a landmark for the dry pet food sector. Interquell is the first nationwide in the production of private labels for ornamental fish feeding products; it also creates and supplies products for dogs and cats for the largest European chains, including Maxi zoo, Isola dei Tesori, Zooplus, Qualipet (Switzerland) and Pet O'clock (Greece), their private brands with high-end products. Since 2015 it has been number one in the sale to German specialized shops with its Happy Dog brand (source: Nielsen). In 2019, thanks to a huge investment (17 million), two new machines were purchased to produce foods containing fresh meat, both croquettes and snacks, with an increase in production of 60%. To date, the products are distributed in over 68 countries around the world on 3 different continents. Rebo Srl thus becomes the exclusive distributor of Interquell GMBH products in the Italian market. Alessandro's son, Alessio, joined the company in 2005, then became partner in 2012 and currently - after his father’s death in 2016 - holds the position of General Manager. The company has recently changed headquarters, moving to Varese and significantly expanding the warehouse area: Rebo Srl has closed 2022 with a turnover of more than 6,5 million.

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