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Sprÿng, the new brand of Ynsect for pet food

Sprÿng is the pet food brand of Ynsect, the world leader in the production of insect protein and natural insect fertilizers.

Sprÿng offers high-quality protein ingredients derived from mealworms that enhance the health and nutrition of pets, including cats, dogs, chicken and birds. With a unique nutritional profile, our mealworms are a natural source of protein, that is tasteless, odorless and offers consistent quality.

For us, this powerful protein is the key to rebalancing our pets’ nutrition, health and the environment.

The well-being of our cats, dogs, chicken and birds will always be our primary concern—and that starts with the highest-quality food.

Piloted by cutting-edge R&D and our team of experts in entomology, processing, product, and data, we are driving change from our animals’ bowls and feeders.

We are proof that high nutritional value and sustainability can coexist.

We are Sprÿng.