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Barentz – Always a better solution

Barentz is a leading global life science ingredients distributor (2000+ employees|75+ countries). For our Animal Nutrition Business pet food is a strategic focus. Through our expertise, we provide technological solutions as antioxidants, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers. Offering also plant-based proteins, yeasts, phytogenics, insect protein, seaweed and colorants, we can be a one stop shop for more sustainable and effective solutions.



Natural Solution With High Water Binding Properties

Barentz Animal Nutrition has developed AquaBind LF as a natural, functional and cost-efficient solution to replace E-numbers in wet pet food.
AquaBind LF is a unique product consisting of high-quality flour derived from golden linseed which has been carefully de-oiled and finely ground.
Because of its unique production process and peculiar composition, AquaBind LF is rich in fiber and vegetable protein and is characterized by a strong cold and warm swelling effect, in addition to its emulsification properties. Having a very high water (1:12) and oil (1:3) binding capacity, depending on the viscosity and thickness requested in the final application, AquaBind LF can be added in different dosages and even combined with other functional products to obtain the requested properties of the pet food application.