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At GOOD!D, we are a Belgian manufacturer of premium quality soft products. We are known as high quality manufacturer and concept developers for various retail and wholesale partners.
Ensuring fast rotation of products in a handy packaging, made with love and of the best quality. As GOOD!D makes products with people for pets and their owners, we take care of the things we do: GOOD!D concentrates on buying, producing, packaging and selling food safe snacks for pets. To execute this mission, we give high priority to continuous improvement, innovation and quality. GOOD!D wants to live up to the expectations of all its customers.
Premium quality semi-moist products? All our products are produced with cold extrusion which has multiple advantages – vitamins and minerals from used raw materials are better preserved, a unique and very clear look and feel, products are really soft, high palatability level, dogs and cats love them.


Creating a fantastic dog’s life, both for dogs as well as their masters is our daily passion and challenge.

3 divisions:

  • hupple | Dogs & Cat's Flavourite
  • Your Pet Label | Masters in private label products 
  • | Science through treats


hupple | Dogs & Cat's Flavourite
hupple is a brand with fun and unusual origins. What started out with a biscuit of superior quality, packed like coffee biscuits, is now a full range with semi-moist treats, semi-moist and crunch dog food, baked biscuits and many other products, distributed in over 2000 stores and chains all over the world. hupple has become a respectable growing player as one of the few Belgian brands of dog treats.


Your Pet Label | Masters in private label products 
Private label activities are put under a separate division, Your Pet Label, with a tailor-made vision and service. Nowadays, GOOD !D supplies to all the important private label players on the market. Various retail chains, supermarkets and distributors on an international level are all part of our client base. Since 2013, we have our own production in Brecht near Antwerp, where our Soft Chefs produce over a million treats every day. | Science through treats
In short, stands for years of scientifically substantiated knowledge in a bite-sized solution. The dietary supplements are enriched with concentrate from natural resources that contribute to supporting health. From Supplements that work in a complementary and supportive way, up to Supports that provide additional health support for ailments. The Multivitamin -a complex- and Transporter- to facilitate the administration of medicine- top the range off.