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We innovate in sustainable protein production through the power of insects

Dapibus transforms organic waste from the agri-food industry into value-added products through the power of insects: mainly protein, but also oil and organic fertilizer. Our mission is to create a more sustainable and circular food system, by providing a solution to the global challenge of food waste. We are committed to creating a positive impact in the world, by reducing the environmental footprint of the agri-food industry and providing a sustainable and qualitative source of protein.

As the global population is estimated to exceed 10 billion people by 2050, producing more and better food is a critical challenge that must be addressed. Insects have been identified as a promising solution for meeting this challenge, particularly in the context of animal and plant nutrition.

Dapibus has successfully developed a product line tailored to meet the nutritional needs of pets, including cats, dogs, and ornamental fish. After years of research and development with leading experts and veterinarians, Dapibus insect proteins and oils derived from Black Soldier Fly larvae provide the perfect combination for pet nutrition.