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19026 Khmilna, Cherkasy

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Borysfen Trade LLC - Carnie Pet Food

Hello Zoomark!
With its modern plant, Borysfen Trade produces wet food for dogs and cats in Ukraine and has a present capacity of around 6 million cans per month.
The company's proprietary brand is TM Carnie. 
The unique formulations of our wet food ensure a high level of satisfaction and consumption by pets, especially thanks to an unprecedentedly high percentage of meat ingredients - from 73% to 100%.
This innovative formulation also ensures a healthy and balanced diet for cats and dogs.
We have a representative office in the EU - OPOS Group, which thanks to their international experience coordinates our sales and operations in the European market and helps us to establish our presence in different nations.
Our products are divided into three lines with different characteristics:
The Carnie brand super premium wet food line assortment includes pates with a high quality meat ingredient content (83% to 91%), available in cans of 90, 100, 185, 200, and 800 grams.
The flagship of this series is the fully lithographed 90 g can (entered in the Pet Vision competition for its high value for money). It clearly differs from the competition and stands out favorably on the store shelf, attracting customers' attention.
Carnie Classic
Carnie Classic premium-quality pâtés contain 89 percent meat ingredients, and are packaged in 185-, 360-, or 800-gram cans. This is a new quality standard in the approach to healthy pet nutrition.
In addition, the reasonable and affordable price of this line allows people to be mindful of their pets' diets without breaking the bank!
Carnie Original
We designed Carnie Original dog food to be as close as possible to the ideal natural pet food.
Ideal-because we put only real meat in the can, cut into irregular pieces with fiber. In addition to meat, Carnie Original contains only water (and in some cases, vegetables) . No impurities, additives, etc. Only 100% beef, chicken or turkey. 100% single-protein.
We are excited to meet you in Bologna, so don't miss it! We look forward to seeing you there

5% Discount for our Visitors!

To reward our future partners, we have decided to offer an immediate 5% discount on the entire price list for orders confirmed before May 31, 2023.
We are sure you will love our products, and we hope to meet many of you!
For more information, drop by our booth and we will be happy to take your orders,  reserving you a special price!