Zoomark is back, in great style. What news do you have in store for visitors to your stand at BolognaFiere?
First and foremost, we will be showcasing Almo Nature and the Capellino Foundation. Our priority is to raise awareness of our economic model, the Reintegration Economy: all our profits from sales, minus costs and taxes, are "reinvested" in safeguarding biodiversity, through projects carried out by the Foundation.
We will also be presenting some interesting new products. These include a plant-based litter for our feline friends, which joins our current range of litter products: our way of getting the message across that plant-based litters have a lesser environmental impact than mineral and silica ones. And we will be showing the Almo Nature line of kibble and functional wet foods, and our flagship kibble line: HFC, the pet food based on ingredients originally fit for human consumption, with 100% fresh meat and fish.

Why do you think is it important to take part in Zoomark? What are your expectations and what are your goals?
We do not want to set ourselves any specific targets for this event. For us, Zoomark will be a success if it generates further awareness – not only in the consumer arena – of the values the brand represents. Compared to other pet food brands, Almo Nature is an ethical choice. Those who choose us, retailers included, know that they can count on high-quality pet food products, while supporting a clear vision and a model capable of generating a positive impact on our ecosystem, rather than just enriching a few private equity funds.

Can you tell me about your vision of the pet market: what are your predictions for the industry from now to Zoomark 2023? What challenges await us in the coming months and what opportunities?
The main challenge is making retailers and consumers aware of the quality of the ingredients used by brands. In the current market, the colour of the packaging seems to matter more than the contents, and this is something that needs to be changed.
The second, no less important, challenge is handling a difficult macroeconomic situation that is generating inflationary pressure and disruptions throughout the supply chain, giving rise to complex scenarios for all involved. We think that there are opportunities to be found in focusing on product quality, which is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and managing the current scenario by keeping communications open with our strategic supply chain partners – we believe in building "team" relationships rather than juggling individual interests.