Zoomark is back, in great style. What news do you have in store for visitors to your stand at BolognaFiere?
As the global leader of functional proteins, APC brings to Zoomark natural ingredients to solve today’s pet food manufacturing challenges. Not only for formulation requirements, but also by providing the health benefits that pet parents are seeking.
Our plasma derived functional proteins are proven by science, with more than 600 studies that demonstrate their efficacy on immune support and digestive health. Results are visible, positively impacting muscles, joints, skin and coat.
APC is committed to helping animals thrive through innovative ingredients, such as the new enzymatically hydrolyzed plasma protein, CRAVINGS, that may be used for dry kibble formulation. CRAVINGS should be considered whenever the formulation calls for enhanced palatability, high functionality and rigorous quality specifications around the finished product.

Why do you think is it important to take part in Zoomark? What are your expectations and what are your goals?
At Zoomark we want to make people aware of the benefits of including plasma functional proteins in diets for cats and dogs. When consumed orally, plasma helps support and maintain the immune system and overall wellbeing of the pet.
Offering pets foods, treats and supplements containing plasma can help add to lifelong well-being. Whether helping a juvenile pet develop strong bones and muscles, keeping adult pets in optimal health, or helping ease the overall negative impacts inflammation has on senior pets, plasma offers whole body health benefits for every life stage.
Overall health and wellbeing are a common concern, and we will make its case in the lecture “Plasma: A Whole Body Health Ingredient”, presented by Dr. Joy Campbell, Senior Director of Global Petfood Technical Service of APC, on Tuesday 16 May, at 18.00, in the APC’s booth (B76-78, hall 21), after Zoomark’s closing time.
All pet food professionals are invited to attend this event and learn more about plasma’s mode of action and benefits! Register here to attend the event!

Can you tell me about your vision of the pet market: what are your predictions for the industry from now to Zoomark 2023? What challenges await us in the coming months and what opportunities?
In the last years, we have noticed that more brands are recognizing the value of meat derived proteins beyond what has typically been used in pet foods. With ingredient prices increasing across the board, finding alternatives to fill the gap is more important now than ever.
One cost effective alternative is APC’s plasma functional protein ingredients, which provide between 70 and 78% protein along with a great amino acid profile – and because it’s from meat sources, it’s a natural fit for many pet brands.
Pet parents have become savvy in identifying ingredients that are beneficial for their pets. This tendency will keep growing in the future, and this is why pet food manufacturers need ingredients that are functional, label friendly and can help provide lifelong well-being to pets at the same time. Plasma is a great solution to meet these needs.