The pet food market in Italy concluded 2016 with a business volume of 1.971 million euros (an increase of 2.7% compared with the previous year) and sales of 559,200 tonnes (+1.3%) of cat and dog food, which represent the main segments of the sector.

This market serves a significant population of pets. In total there are over 60 million pets in Italy including an estimated 7 million dogs, approximately 7.5 million cats, almost 30 million fish, 12.9 million birds, 1.8 million small mammals (including rodents and rabbits) and 1.3 million reptiles.

This data is contained in the 10th edition of the Assalco Zoomark Report, the annual report on pet ownership, which will be presented on the 11th May at the opening of Zoomark International 2017, the international B2B event for the sectors of pet food and pet care, organized by BolognaFiere.

The 17th edition of the event will be taking place until 14th May at the Bologna Exhibition Centre. The Report has been compiled by ASSALCO (National Association of businesses involved in the pet food and pet care sectors) and by Zoomark International, with the contribution of IRI Information Resources and ANMVI (the National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors).

The complete text of the Report (Italian version) will be download here