In-person events are finally back, with Zoomark International, which sees the return of interaction and networking opportunities along with the opportunity to catch up with latest industry news and insights that are a key part of every trade show.
The events kick off with the conference on 10th November presenting the 2021 Assalco - Zoomark Report, always much awaited by the pet care industry, and even more so this year, as it takes stock of the pandemic period and its effects on the market. The three-day Zoomark International show will feature around twenty separate events in total. For more information consult the Events Programme on our website.


The topics addressed range from current trends to the performance of the international markets - in collaboration with important partners such as Euromonitor, Interzoo Academy, and the ICE Agency - to the new sales channels and formats that capitalise on the synergy between physical and digital. Many of the events will focus on animal health, developed in collaboration with the ANMVI (the Italian national association of veterinarians), with topics from nutrition to dentistry, whelping and the most common ailments affecting species other than dogs and cats.
In parallel with the events organized by Zoomark, there will be a packed programme of initiatives contributing to making this Europe's leading pet industry event. Hosted by organizations and companies, these include the annual general meeting of the European Pet Organization and various international trade associations, and numerous conferences and workshops staged by individual exhibitors.