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We are one of the most modern pet food production plants not only in Europe, but also in the world. Respecting the uniqueness of the land on which we operate, we modernized our production plant to a such extent to develop more environmentally friendly operations of all processes.

In our offer we have wet, dry and air dried food for dogs and cats. Our products are made of the best, high-quality raw materials, valuable additives such as for example yucca mojave or psyllium seeds, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. Having in mind primarily the satisfaction of our pet friends, we constantly improve the recipes and develop new kinds and flavors of our pet food.

The partnership with our company includes:

  • sole agency on a given territory,
  • marketing support,
  • full substantive assistance regarding our products.

Dolina Noteci is not only pet food, it is also the whole philosophy of activities, which is based primarily on helping homeless animals in need, as well as educating pet carers in the field of nutrition and behaviour, acting with care for the natural environment, promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle and many many others.