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Pets & Hugs International Spa

Pad. 30 Stand A84 - B85


Category: Hygiene and BeautyTrend: Value for money

“Essential” the new range of hygienic pads has a special focus on environment thanks to its new size, which is more compact and optimizes space with an innovative and practical multi stock size. The more compact and ergonomic design permits a major quantity of product placement inside the pack, this allows to minimize the environmental impact. The “Essential” pad is ideal to accustom your furry friends to dirty his own place. It is also a practical protection for long car trips, for your sofas, for the kennel and crate.

We decided to include this product inside the Pet Awards competition because our company has an important aim to sustainability and social responsability. The Essential hygienic pads are one of the most innovative and convenient product of our catalogue, so we feel confident promoting this new saving pack article, completely dedicated to the environment.

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