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Pets & Hugs International Spa

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Category: Food & SnackTrend: Healthy & Functional

Delicious snacks enriched with precious seeds, berries or vegetables, sources of minerals and vitamins such as goji berries, pumpkin, seaweeds, lotus flowers, chia seeds, carrots, spinaches, blueberries and broccoli. Animal-based and singleprotein foods rich in nutritional properties for a balanced diet. Formulated with gluten-free ingredients. The NATURLOVE products are a new entry inside our rage of delicious snacks: 9 pouches dedicated to your dog in four different variants: fish, beef, chicken, and duck. 3 pouches dedicated to your cat enriched with carrots, blueberries, and lotus flowers.

We decided to promote our NATURLOVE SNACKS because these products are designed to be part of the healthy and fuctional area of our production. The goal is to satisfy specific needs and functionalities.

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