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Whisker-friendly slow-feeder bowl for cats

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Our mission: To help pets eat healthier with our bowls, while respecting (the)ir planet. SOLUTION The solution of our whisker-friendly slow feeder bowl starts with the design. The shape is of the bowl is shallow and wide to prevent the whiskers touching the rim, which can be very irritating for your cat. The inside of the bowl is filled with ribs. The ridges provide slower consumption to prevent problems such as tummy aches and vomiting. The ribs, varying in height, provide a mental challenge and combats boredom. The cat is a hunter and may be challenged. MATERIAL The bowl is made out of the durable material polysand which contains up to 70% of sand. A very strong material that's hard to break. Furthermore this material makes the bowl heavy preventing to flip when the cat walks over the bowl. Finished with anti-slip to keep the bowl in place while eating. SOCIAL HANDMADE The bowls are handmade by an employment care center in Belgium. They support people with psychosocial disabilities who are looking for a way back into the labor market. USE Suitable for both water and dry, raw and wet food, can be used indoor & outdoor CARE Has a soft texture, easy to clean by handwash MEASUREMENTS Diameter 18 cm Height 4 cm Weight 730 gr Volume 0,30 l

PROBLEM - Cats can eat too fast, putting a strain on their digestive system and leading to health issues such as flatulence, stomach pain and diarrhea. When looking for an anti-chew model for cats, usually a model for dogs is recommended which is not tailored to a cat's whiskers. SOLUTION Our whisker-friendly slow feeder for cats

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