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Omni Plant-based Functional Treats

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We’re facing a pet health crisis in the UK with up to half of all dogs suffering from obesity and an estimated 1 in 3 getting cancer in their lifetime (not to mention all the other nutrition related health problems like allergies, itchy skin and loose stools etc). We know in the human space, that nutrition is a key factor in keeping us healthy, we also know that processed meat and excess animal fats have been directly linked to a range of health problems. Despite this, these troublesome ingredients are still present in the majority of pet treats. This never sat right with our vet founder and when his own overweight black Labrador, Bondie got mouth cancer at the young age of 4, he knew it was time to take action by creating his own range functional treats that target specific health needs like anxiety, itchiness, joint problem and gut troubles using natural, healthy plant-based ingredients. Our solution is a line of delicious, vet founded and formulated plant-based functional treats that are better for dogs and better for the planet.

The key innovation in our functional treats range is in the removal of troublesome processed meats and replacing them with healthy, plant-based ingredients while still being loved by 95% of dogs that have tried them. They also come in beautiful and colourful fully recyclable packaging highlighting the functional benefit that they provide to dogs. We have proprietary blends of active ingredients that deliver key functional benefits from supported joints to calming effects for peaceful dogs.

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