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Multipack di snack benessere per cani e gatti e Snack agli insetti per cani e gatti

Category: AccessoriesTrend: Healthy & Functional

Pack of palatable snacks for the well-being of the dog or cat : Complete packs of palatable snacks for the well-being of cats and dogs. Each pack is composed of 3 different types of functional snacks in order to guarantee the well-being of the pet everyday, with one solution. These gourmet treats contain no preservatives or artifical colouring and they come in a 80% recycled cardboard box. Insect treats for dogs and cats: Insects treats are an alternative to traditional animal protein-based treats. Our Sensitive Dog and Sensitive Cat treats are rich in insect proteins and in vitamin D3 for skeleton remineralization. They are gluten free to limit allergies and are easy to digest. Treats for sterilized cats have a low calorie content in order to limit weight gain. Our insect treats are sold in blister packs to ensure a good preservation of the product when used as a course of treatment. They are made in France.

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