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Kookie Kisses

Category: Food & SnackTrend: Healthy & Functional

Just like humans, dogs deserve to be pampered with something special every now and then. However, we are convinced that rewards for the dog should not only taste good but also optimally promote the dog's health and well-being. Our Kookie Kisses are the perfect treat for those moments. Made with gluten-free, semi-soft texture, and natural ingredients, these snacks are a healthy indulgence for your furry friend. Our innovative recipe uses only food-grade, high-quality ingredients like freeze-dried meat, real rumen, regional fruit and vegetables, and high-quality, natural vitamin and mineral supplements such as krill meal, green-lipped mussel meal, colostrum, bee pollen, coconut oil and chokeberry without any additives, artificial colouring and fillers. All the ingredients are carefully kneaded and slowly baked at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional value of the raw materials – testified by the bright colours of our products. With Kookie Kisses, you can provide your dog with a gluten-free superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to support your dog’s immune system, digestion, coat, and overall health. The rich, all-natural flavour of Kookie Kisses will have your dog begging for more. These snacks are perfect for training, rewards, or just a special treat to show your pup some extra love. And, since our priority is your dog's health, you can trust that our Kookie Kisses are a healthy and delicious choice.

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