News of the show going ahead has been enthusiastically received by exhibitors, with many already confirming their attendance, highlighting the importance of this event for the industry, a key opportunity to network and do business in person in 2021.

This year's event promises to be particularly interesting: pet companies have been working on products and solutions to fulfil the needs emerging, and it is time to make the most of this chance to come together and channel it into creating value: the opportunity to interact without being filtered by a screen, listen to other voices and tap into the buzz that is a vital part of doing business, and which only direct contact can offer.

Underpinning this is a framework of international partnerships forged on the basis of common needs and strengthened by experience, which puts Zoomark International on the map more than ever before, as the major event held in odd years in Europe. This year will see it taking the expertise and quality of the global pet industry beyond borders, and raising its profile on the international markets thanks to strategic alliances and in-person and online meetings.