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Mangiatoia Ume

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UME bird feeder has been created with the purpose of being a safe source of food for wild birds, especially during the cold season; in fact, "Ume" is, in Japanese language, the plum flower, symbol of strength and endurance as it blooms during winter. Made entirely of recycled plastic from the post-consumer circuit, UME wants to blend with the environment, reducing the impact it has on it, and at the same time, being user-friendly wants to approach people to the world of wild birds. The design of UME is a fundamental part of the project as it is inspired by the shape of a drop of water that, with strength and resistance, remains attached to the branch without falling, giving the product versatile aesthetic characteristics to any context of use, from the balcony, to the garden up to larger open spaces.

The reason why 2gr has created Ume Feeder starts from the principle of approach people, even non-experts in the field, to an ethic of safeguarding the fauna that inhabits urban spaces in the easiest way and with a low environmental impact. With these principles Ume is presented as a feeder for wild birds to be used throughout the year, but particularly during the cold season, when food for the birds is scarce: the balls of fat, perfect for this feeder, are the complete and ideal food to face the winter season. At the same time, Ume has a shape that aims to attract even those who pays more attention to the appearance of the product and its adaptability to environments such as refined gardens or balconies: inspired by a drop of water that remains attached to the branch, it symbolizes strength and resistance. The research for the highest quality and low environmental impact, pushed the company to produce Ume entirely with recycled plastic from post-consumer circuit, certified and selected to ensure aesthetic and mechanical qualities like the first choice plastic.The birds that live in the gardens, even in urban environments, are an essential part of the ecosystem, and their survival is jeopardized by the increasing urbanization; taking care of wild birds helps people, especially children, to interact with mother nature in a fun and active way, spending time outdoor and, with simple actions, teaching that wild birds are fundamental to keep the ecosystem balanced.

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