With Zoomark 2023 in the bag, the organizers are already hard at work on the initiatives planned for the two-year period leading up to the next edition, which will be held on 5th to 7th May 2025.

Zoomark's international success and its vocation for generating business have prompted BolognaFiere to look beyond the European market, launching new projects, and making the event into a format to serve the pet industry globally.

Zoomark 2023 saw the launch of the Chinese edition, Zoomark China, which will be held in Guangzhou on 23rd and 24th November and aims to bring together pet industry professionals, distributors, importers/exporters, e-commerce retailers, and online platforms in a modern, stimulating environment: a key opportunity to network and address the changing needs of pet owners, bringing more brands and products from around the world to China.

The Chinese event is only the first in a wide-ranging initiative that aims to make Zoomark a formula that can be replicated in the most interesting emerging markets, further confirming the event's role as an ambassador and partner for business development around the world, forging a network of solid institutional and commercial relationships.